‹Programming› 2017
                                  Mon 3 - Thu 6 April 2017 Brussels, Belgium

                                  Thank you for attending ‹Programming› 2017! We hope to see you next year in Nice, France at ‹Programming› 2018!

                                  The International Conference on the Art, Science, and Engineering of Programming is a new conference focused on everything to do with programming including the experience of programming. We’ve named it 手机怎样搭梯子用谷歌 for short. Papers are welcome from any part of the programming research lifecycle, as are papers on programming practice and experience.

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                                  Journal Affiliated

                                  A new journal has been created as the publication vehicle for ‹Programming›. Papers submitted to this journal are reviewed by referees chosen by the ‹Programming› Program Chair, who is an associate editor for the journal. Authors of accepted papers are invited to present at the conference as a requirement for publication.


                                  ‹Programming› Keynote
                                  Live Literate Programming
                                  Gilad Bracha
                                  ‹Programming› Keynote
                                  How Racket Went Meta
                                  Matthew Flatt

                                  ELS Invited Talks

                                  ELS Keynote
                                  How the strengths of Lisp-family languages facilitate building complex and flexible bioinformatics applications
                                  Bohdan Khomtchouk
                                  Identity in a World of Values
                                  Hans Hübner


                                  PASS invited talk
                                  Teaching a Systematic Design Method for Concurrent Programs
                                  Harrie Passier
                                  PASS invited talk
                                  Managed Language Runtimes on Heterogeneous Hardware: Optimizations for Performance, Efficiency and Lifetime Improvement
                                  Shoaib Akram
                                  From Documents to Dialogues: Programming Technology for the Conversational Web
                                  Tom Van Cutsem
                                  PASS invited talk
                                  Analysing Energy Consumption of Systems Controlled by Software
                                  Bernard van Gastel